A Proven PT/INR Testing Methodology.

Accurate results.

Designed for use from the Anticoagulation Clinic to the Home, for the professional to the patient self-tester, the Coag-Sense® PT/INR Monitoring System provides optimal accuracy and precision for optimal Warfarin dosage.

Direct Detection

By mechanically detecting the clot, the Coag-Sense® system avoids the challenges that plague other systems that use secondary means of clot detection like monitoring changes in impedance.

Small Form Factor

Our portable meter can be stored in a drawer. This flexibility means patients can take the meter with them when they travel.

Digital Connectivity

Wireless (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and wired (USB and Ethernet) connectivity options send results to EHR systems, testing service providers, printers or POCT data management systems such as TELCOR or RALS.

Clinical Precision

When clinicians and researchers want the most accurate means of determining prothrombin time, they turn to either the World Health Organization (WHO) mechanical tilt tube technique or the Fibrometer.

Both these methods use a mechanical approach to directly detect clot formation, but they are cumbersome to perform.

The Coag-Sense® PT/INR Monitoring System represents a breakthrough in point-of-care prothrombin time monitoring technology by miniaturizing and simplifying a direct mechanical means of detecting clot formation.

Clinical Trial: Reliability of Point-of-Care International Normalized Ratio Measurements in Various Patient Populations (Arline, K. Rph, MEd, Rodriguez, C. PharmaD, and Sanchez, K. PharmaD, BCPS) published in Point of Care, March 2020.

Simple + Reliable PT/INR Testing

The Coag-Sense® system is used to test prothrombin time (PT) in patients taking Warfarin for oral anticoagulant therapy. Results are reported as International Normalized Ratio, or INR units, and PT seconds.

Because the system directly detects clot formation, it reports true PT-seconds. The Coag-Sense system consists of a meter and single-use PT strips and control strips, along with certain accessories required for testing.

A Masterpiece of Intelligence on a Proven Detection Platform

The Coag-Sense PT/INR System offers rapid testing time, simplicity, and analytical results that correlate well with the leading methods of PT determination.

A Breakthrough in Protection

The Coag-Sense® PT/INR Monitoring System offers superior accuracy, precision, and safety. Offering the gold standard of mechanical clot detection in a compact and easy to use, point-of-care, or at-home prothrombin time meter.

Gold Standard in Testing

The Coag-Sense system simply lifts the fibrin clot from the reaction well which interrupts a simple light beam. The PT time is the actual time from when the blood sample is applied to when the clot is formed. This produces results similar to the gold standard WHO tilt-tube method.

Rapid Results

Coag-Sense® is the only true prothrombin timer on the market. Everything else is guessing at when it thinks a clot has formed. This enables Coag-Sense® to deliver reliably accurate tests immediately, ensuring the best outcomes for the patient.

PT2 PT-INR Meter

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