Technical Specifications for the PT2 Meter

  • Micro-mechanical detection measures actual clotting time for a real PT measurement
  • Offers gold standard accuracy and precision (<2.5% CV) 
  • Not susceptible to changes in Hematocrit levels
  • User-friendly color touchscreen with easy instructions
  • Small sample size required, only 10 µL drop of blood
  • Test strips are individually packed 
  • Test strip lot information communicated wirelessly to the meter via NFC chip
  • Full reporting range up to 8.0 INR
  • Same meter can be used from hospital to home 
  • Data can be transferred directly to provider for consistent monitoring 

Proven Methodology

  • Micro-mechanical detection process offers superb accuracy and precision
  • Not susceptible to changes in Hemoglobin & Hematocrit levels
  • Ability to run whole blood, real plasma controls, and plasma calibrants
  • The only CLIA-Waived system that produces a true prothrombin time – a simple clot timer
  • Linear response even in the high INR range – often outperforms lab systems

A More Direct Approach to INR

  • The only POC system that directly detects clotting endpoint (emulates the WHO Tilt-Tube method)
  • Offers gold standard accuracy and precision (CV 2.5%)
  • Determines actual PT time without lookup tables or curve-fitting algorithms
  • Displays PT results in less than 1 minute
  • INR range from 0.8 to 8.0

Simple & Accurate Sample Collection

  • Small sample size – 10 – 12 µl 
  • Sample transfer tubes included
  • Use of transfer tubes allows stable accurate transfer of sample to test strip
  • Reduce errors and wasted strips with correct volume delivery
  • Compliant with proper bloodborne-pathogen control


  • Test at home using a safe and convenient option
  • Simple design equals ease of use
  • Convenient, portable, connected device
  • Sends results to service provider using app

Extending Control Through the Continuum of Care

  • Consistency of monitoring from hospital to clinics, to home; same meter, same test strips, same reportable range
  • Safety profile puts both home testers and their clinicians at ease
  • Transfer tubes ensures proper blood volume in the sample
  • Can communicate patient’s home testing results to provider via an app
  • Improve time within the therapeutic range with frequent monitoring
  • Medicare covers weekly home PT/INR monitoring for patients with a variety of conditions
  • Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) supervision ensures compliance