Experience The Benefits of Superior Accuracy, Precision and Safety With Our PT/INR Meter

The Coag-Sense® meter directly measures clot formation, so the time required to perform a test is the actual prothrombin time in seconds. By not using look-up tables or curve fitting algorithms, the Coag-Sense meter offers accurate results in less than a minute.

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PT2 PT-INR Meter
User-friendly color touchscreen. Displayed instructions are easy to read, understand, and follow.
NFC chip scanner quickly and easily communicates test strip lot information to the meter via an NFC chip on the test strip kit box.
Quickly plot patient result history to get a complete picture of time in therapeutic range. Optional wired or wireless bar code scanner allows patient ID capture for data management.
Multiple connectivity options (wired and wireless) send results data to EHR, testing service providers, or data management systems.

How to use the Coag-Sense PT/INR Meter

Step 1

Insert a test strip

Step 2

Lance finger and collect a bead of blood with included transfer tube

Step 3

Dispense sample onto test strip

Step 4

Wait for results (testing time is the patient’s actual clotting time)

Proven Methodology

  • Micro-mechanical detection process offers superb accuracy and precision
  • Not susceptible to changes in Hemoglobin & Hematocrit levels
  • Ability to run whole blood, real plasma controls, and plasma calibrants
  • Testing time is patient’s actual clotting time – nothing is faster than that
  • The only CLIA-Waived system that produces a true prothrombin time – a simple clot timer
  • Linear response even in the high INR range – often outperforms lab systems!

A More Direct Approach to INR

  • The only POC system that directly detects clotting endpoint (emulates the WHO Tilt-Tube method)
  • Offers gold standard accuracy and precision (CV 2.5%)
  • Determines actual PT time without lookup tables or curve-fitting algorithms
  • Displays PT results in less than 1 minute
  • INR range from 0.8 to 8.0

Simple & Accurate Sample Collection

  • Small sample size – just one 10μl drop of blood
  • Sample transfer tubes included
  • Allows stable accurate transfer of sample to test strip
  • Reduces errors and strip wastage with correct volume delivery
  • Supports proper bloodborne-pathogen control compliance


  • More frequent results benefit patients
  • Testing at home is a safe and convenient option
  • Simplicity of design gives better confidence in results
  • Offers full Point-Of-Care reportable range up to 8.0 INR
  • Conveniently portable, connected design
  • Sends results to service provider using app

Extending Control Through the Continuum of Care

  • Consistency of monitoring from hospital, to clinics, to home; same meter, same test strips, same reportable range
  • Safety profile puts both home testers and their clinicians at ease
  • Included sample transfer tubes ensures proper blood volume and technique
  • Communicates patient’s home testing results to provider
  • Improve testing adherence with test frequency monitoring and easy supply fulfillment requesting
  • Medicare covers weekly home PT/INR monitoring for patients with a variety of conditions
  • Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) supervision ensures compliance
  • Superb IDTF home testing partners


Patient Test Strips

Vacuum Sealed Sample Transfer Tubes

Control Strips & Activation Solution

Control kit

Portable Printer


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