Discover the Coag-Sense® PT/ INR Monitoring System

Measures a true prothrombin time

Using our patented direct clot technology

Access an easy-to-use format

With a color touchscreen and simple instructions

Communicate Results Seamlessly

Using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and Ethernet

What Makes Us Different

  • Patented direct clot technology measures actual clotting time

  • Increased accuracy and precision equivalent to lab analysis

  • Decreased potential for cross-contamination using sample transfer tubes

  • Reduced potential for errors or wasted strips as a result of inadequate blood sample volume

  • Test strips individually packaged ensuring freshness every time

  • No code chip required

  • Costs less than $1 per test

How to Use Coag-Sense® PT/ INR Meter

Step 1

Insert a test strip

Step 2

Lance finger and collect a bead of blood with included transfer tube

Step 3

Dispense sample onto test strip

Step 4

Wait for results (testing time is the patient’s actual clotting time)