Straightforward Design
Superb Results

Experience Simplicity with the Coag-Sense® Self-Care

PT/INR Monitoring System for Patient Self-Testing.

Easy to Use

For patient self-testing, this meter offers robust functionality without weekly visits to a clinic. No manual code typing is required because the testing information will be read from the NFC Tag. A 10-12 µl whole blood sample is applied to the test strip using a transfer tube to ensure accuracy. Results are available in less than one minute.

Simple user interface

The icon-based user interface is simple to understand and utilize. Prompts are straightforward and results are displayed in large black numbers in the window. Up to 500 test results are stored in memory.

Bluetooth connectivity for wireless data transfer

The meter is conveniently powered by four AA batteries. Wireless data transfer to providers is available via Bluetooth connectivity.

Technical Specifications:


INR units 

Measurement Range

0.8- 8.0 INR

Warm-up Time

25 seconds

Sampling Method

21g lancet and sample transfer tube

Sample Size

10-12 µl

Sample Type

Capillary Whole Blood

Analysis Time

< 1 minute, measures actual clotting time 

System Check

Control Test Strip

Memory Capacity

500 test results

Power Source

4 AA batteries



Any questions, please contact [email protected]