You recently obtained a Coag-Sense® PT/INR Meter and are learning how to use it effectively to monitor your prothrombin (PT) time. In this post you will learn how to troubleshoot and resolve 5 of the common PT/INR meter issues.

Error Messages

Why do I see the Battery Low message?

The Coag-Sense® PT/INR Meter is powered by a Lithium Polymer Battery that is rechargeable. It takes six hours to fully charge the battery however, the meter can be used for testing after 30 minutes. When testing is finished, it is recommended that the meter be turned off completely by pressing and holding the on/off button. If the meter is not turned off, it remains in Sleep Mode which will drain the battery and trigger the Battery Low message.

What does a Strip Error message indicate?

We suggest that you remove the strip and begin again. When the meter displays the prompt, Please Insert a Strip, insert the strip straight into the meter and all the way back. If you receive another error message, try starting the whole process over by inserting a new strip.

What does No Clot Detected mean?

Either the sample clotting time was too long and outside the testing range or an insufficient amount of sample was transferred to the test strip. Possible causes may include:

  • Improper lancing, a 21g lancet is required
  • An air bubble was present in the sample
  • The sample did not completely fill the transfer tube

You will need to confirm that there has been no recent consumption of heparin or any other contraindicated medications. If the same message displays a second time, consider using another testing method.

Test Result Accuracy

What does it mean when the result on the meter does not match lab results?

Differences in reagents, instruments, and pre-analytical variables affect PT time results. These factors require consideration when comparing PT test methods.

What should I do if I don’t believe the test result is accurate?

We recommend repeating the test if the result seems unusually high or low. Lance a different finger and use all new supplies including a test strip, lancet, and transfer tube following the suggested timing and techniques.

For Further Assistance

If you have finished troubleshooting and still require help with these or any other Coag-Sense® PT/INR meter issues, you may contact Technical Support at 866-903-0890. Our team members are standing by to assist you.